At the Mad Cow Project we organise small group tours that act as a bridge between the corporate world and developing communities. This bridge begins with conversations that lead to possibilities and ultimately provides for the professional and personal needs of those from the business world and those in developing communities.

We believe that in journeying to a land that is not yours, to experience circumstances that are unfamiliar and to understand problems different to ours, substantial shifts in thinking can occur, strong networks will form and lasting memories will ensue.

We do not know what will happen with the communities we visit. That we must explore. However, what we know is that creativity needs to be fostered by a tell me more attitude, problem solving starts with empathy for those you wish to help and leadership develops through taking responsibility. That is why we are committed to tours that create and hold a space for curious minds that seek to find out first-hand, that wish to work alongside others and be unburdened by hierarchy, structure and process.