Jim, Jeremy and Nic. Not sure how we got stuck with each other but here we are!

Jim Wakelam

Jim is inquisitive, a listener and a doer. He loves a good conversation and good company as much as anyone else and, is naturally generous with his time. He has recently stepped away from being heavily involved in successful efforts to drive responsible forms of tourism. This work was driven by a deep personal belief that tourism and development work could occur in ways that were not colonising and not disruptive to local culture. He remains close to this cause and now carries on his work with the community from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Jeremy Liyanage

Jeremy is honest, open and fearless. Not afraid to ask the tough questions or be confronted with the answers he brings a deep appreciation of the practical difficulties faced by developing communities. He splits his time between Australia and Sri Lanka where he devotes his efforts to working with marginalised parts of society to build their ability to take control and determine their lives. At present he is particularly focused on working on efforts to reconnect parts of society torn apart by the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Nic Tan

Nic is a new generation of young person – highly accomplished, a balance of caution and courage, and most of all a global person wanting to make a global difference. Having worked in senior roles in the world of finance and primary industries, Nic searches for authenticity in life beyond and wants to explore with others how to mindfully and meaningfully live life for self as well as those less well off than himself. He is on a journey and is a warm, reflective and gentle companion to whom ever joins him along the way.