We are looking for individuals keen to be a part of small group travel to developing communities to re-imagine how they can increase their incomes in a way that respects their culture, values and environment. We specifically look for young professionals keen to explore how their business skills can be applied to make a real difference or business leaders keen to help broaden and challenge the thinking of the next generation of leaders.

For young professionals there is the chance to apply your  business skills in a space free of the usual processes and structures of the workplace. You will meet and talk face-to-face with developing communities, appreciate their struggles and dreams, be supported by a locally based NGO and, together explore possibilities that will call on your leadership, resilience, creativity and thinking.

For thought leaders, such as academics and company management, there are opportunities to join a tour as a small group mentor. As a tour mentor you will use your vast business and thought experience to create a space for the group that stretches their thinking, allows them to deal with uncertainty and expands their possibilities.

Meet some of our young professionals below: