Reflections – walking into the Lion’s Den (and surviving)

I wasn’t too sure what to expect of the Mad Cow Project when I was sitting with Nic over a few drinks at the start of the year while planning out how this whole thing would work. I was committed to seeing this through, but everything felt so far away. We truly were walking into … Continue reading Reflections – walking into the Lion’s Den (and surviving)

Reflections – Challenging my thinking

Early mornings in Mannar, not too long after call to prayer is a peaceful time on the streets. On these morning strolls I’d pass tuk tuks, meandering donkeys, playful dogs, local schoolkids on bicycles politely waving “Good morning” and shopkeepers skilfully preparing something like roti – waving the thin sheets of pastry effortlessly into a … Continue reading Reflections – Challenging my thinking

Reflections – contrasts and transitions

I like this photo of the youth on our second eco-tour walk. The guy at front is holding a machete and the guy at back is holding a selfie stick. The photo epitomises for me the contrast that the youth of Kunchukulum and neighbouring villages face today. They are as proficient with a machete as … Continue reading Reflections – contrasts and transitions

Reflections – Jerad

Six hours north of Colombo, an hour from the nearest town, Kunchukulam is an isolated, agricultural community struggling under the worst drought in forty years. Opportunities for young people are limited. Yet Jerad is a young man in Kunchukulam making opportunities for himself. The Mad Cow team were lucky enough to stay at Jerad’s house, … Continue reading Reflections – Jerad

Bringing the light: The Story of Seven Women Bringing the light, is a story about seven women who inspire a young Stephanie Woolard to reach out and start something pretty special. Following her curiosity as she explores the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal Stephanie finds seven women making a living and a home in a tin shed. Largely unloved and unwanted by the outside world, … Continue reading Bringing the light: The Story of Seven Women

The silent drama of photography

The silent drama of photography is a 2013 Ted Talk by internationally renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado. It was passed onto me by a former lecturer of mine, Michael Douglass, who met Sebastião  and thought that his story carried powerful sentiments relevant to the madcowproject. On first viewing I struggled to fully grasp the relevance of his story. … Continue reading The silent drama of photography