Below is our rough itinerary for the October trip to Sri Lanka.


It’s rough for a few reasons. Firstly, we operate in a way that embraces uncertainty by holding a certain amount of space for us to maneuver and adapt. Secondly, we operate in a way that builds from the bottom up, involving those that will care about the final outcome the most. What does this mean? We want those who are coming with us to be involved in shaping the itinerary (though things could change once we’re there).

As noted earlier, we’re off to Sri Lanka for at least 10 days – roughly one working week sandwiched between two weekends. While we are there we will spend half our time in Mannar and the other half travelling, relaxing, reflecting and site seeing.

To give ourselves the best opportunity to make a difference we will immerse ourselves in the local context by talking with, observing, interacting and connecting with the Mannar community and our NGO partner Bridging Lanka. This may involve touring the town, playing sports and swimming, visiting Bridging Lanka projects (and helping out on some), visiting people’s homes, eating with locals, having presentations and considering possible ways forward together with the community.

While in Mannar we will undertake to:

  • prototype and refine solutions for individuals and families looking to find a sustainable source of income
  • co-design a roadmap for a sustainable economy in Mannar that builds on its strengths

Outside of Mannar we will time in the capital and commercial hub of Colombo, which will be our port into and out of Sri Lanka. In between Colombo and Mannar we will visit places such as Kandy and Damballa, which are home to sites of cultural, heritage, religious and natural significance that will help us relax, reflect and enjoy Sri Lanka!